For the safety of the public, and to protect our liabilities, we have installed gates on some of the entrances we use in our Cornish mines. This is to prevent inexperienced, ill-equipped people, from accessing these venues, where they may have a serious accident. Anyone who would like to see these underground spaces, please contact us to arrange your underground experience.

As passionate mine explorers ourselves, we welcome fellow mine explorers, with an adequate level of experience and the correct equipment, to enter and explore these venues. Access is conditional upon holding valid BCA insurance, either as an individual or as part of a BCA-affiliated club. Simply contact us in advance of your trip, and we will make arrangements for access. We kindly ask that you make no changes to any rigging or fixed gear you find in these venues. We also ask that you do not install any bolts or other fixed-gear without prior consent.


Any gates we have installed have been done in collaboration with the owners of the underground, and we have their permission to carry out our guided activities in these mines. We have invested significant time in these arrangements, as well as investing time and money in equipping these venues. As such, no other commercial activity is permitted to take place in any of our gated mines without our prior written consent. This includes guiding clients or running BCA training and assessment courses.

Mine leader installing a ladder for the Underground Adventurer in a tin mine in west Cornwall