Tin Bounding - Cornish Mining’s Most Ancient Tradition

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Well, it’s a definite maybe. Here are my thoughts...

Tin Bounding was the earliest recorded form of administrative control over tin mining in Cornwall.

The 3rd John, A.D. 1201 charter, in a feat of classic Plantagenet sequestration, details customary rights of the 12th century Cornish tinner:


10 Reasons You Should Explore a Cornish Mine

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Mine Exploration - The Original Cornish Tourist Attraction?


The Cornwall G7: What about Carbis Bay’s Mine Workings?

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It’s now popular gossip in Cornwall to speculate on the ins-and-outs of the conference, but we do know a few things. St. Ive’s Tregenna Castle – an 18th century manor house – will host guests, and international journalists will work from the Falmouth Maritime Museum. We have also heard that Carbis Bay is “the perfect location” for the summit. However, Cornwall’s rich mining history could pose a unique security risk.